Fjällflora (Mountain flora)

Panels inspired by Baseco’s natural surroundings.
Our Lappland heritage has always been important to us at Baseco. This is embodied by the slow-growing, robust raw timber that peppers the local landscape and provides that special quality that is quintessentially Baseco.

We’ve now drawn inspiration from the unique plant life of the mountains to produce a series of seven new panel colours, which we’ve called ”Fjällflora” (Mountain flora). These panels can, for example, be used instead of a papered display backgroud as a creative contrast to a matching Baseco floor.

As with all our other panels, Fjällflora panels are dried to less than ten percent humidity. This minimises the risk of shrinkage and preserves dimensional stability. All panels in the Fjällflora range are available to order. If you’d like to see how some of our Fjällflora colours fit into your home, why not order a few samples? Then sit back, relax and choose the colour that’s right for you.