Our floors

The trees we use have grown slowly during long winters. Because of this they develop denser growth rings and are harder than a tree that has grown further south. Our floors also contain a high proportion of heartwood, which further contributes to the good quality. The width of floor board you want is a matter of taste, the quality is always the same.

Each board is inspected manually at the factory and is divided into two types of floor up to 180 mm wide – Standard (A) and Economy (B). The standard type comprises boards with predominantly healthy knots mixed with a smaller proportion of dark knots. The economy type is a mixture of healthy and dark knots, knotting may occur. However, they can easily be repaired in situ with hot melt adhesive. Pine loft flooring is sorted as the spruce floors below. 30 x 230 mm floor boards are made of heavy timber and are therefore specially sorted.

Spruce flooring comes in a mix type where there are some boards with less knotting and pockets of resin. Knotting can easily be repaired in situ with hot melt adhesive.

Floor: Baseco Trend dark grey. Wall: Planed dark grey.