You can never force
natural quality. For us it
takes about 100 years.

Clearly patience is required – as well as a natural calm and the ability to think in the long term. Without these, it would not have been possible to achieve the level of quality that both we and our customers expect of our products. Fortunately these very characteristics provide quite a good description of the sort of people we are. Perhaps it is something in the very nature of people who, like us, have grown up in the heart of Lapland. In a part of the world where the pace of life can be described as quiet, to say the least, it is entirely natural to let things take their time.  Our solid wood flooring and panelling products are made from raw materials that exist naturally in our environment, from forests that have grown strong and resilient over the course of about a century. But despite taking such a long time to produce the raw materials, we never compromise – if we had, we would not be where we are today.  The values for which Baseco stands are based on a combination of keen production skills and a refusal to compromise on our choice of raw materials.

This is the way it will always be – even if some things do take 100 years.